The Story Continues!

Now that the outline is done, Book Two of my “Chess Gods” fantasy chapter book series is being written. My MC and the others insist that they move forward NOW, as I continue to query for “Chess Gods: Cassie Checks In!” (Book One).

Do you find that your characters sometimes try to be “the boss of you”? 😆 In this case, I appreciate their nudging!

Paul Potts, AGT Superstar!

I’m SO very glad that the world famous tenor Paul Potts made the cut tonight on AGT Champions. He and his fabulous wife Julz visited my classroom years ago, out of the goodness of their hearts, after he won the Britain’s Got Talent Championship. They had plenty of other ways they could have chosen to spend their time in NYC, but yet they came. They even played chess with us! Thankfully I have this video to remember it by.