The Princess, the Knight, and the Lost God: A Chess Story

by Victoria Winifred. Illustrated by Luisa Galstyan.

Young Princess Kassie, 12-year-old child of the gods, begins a risky quest in NYC to save her kingdom. While posing as a mortal student and dodging kingdom enemies, she empowers her classmates with a special kind of chess magic.

“Entertainingly original, and the chess-themed and idiosyncratic worldbuilding will excite young readers’ imaginations. Inventive mashup of mythology and chess. Kirkus’s Verdict: get it.”
Kirkus Reviews

“Wildly clever and creative, The Princess, the Knight, and the Lost God combines chess, the struggles of growing up, and mythology all together in a blend that feels both natural and brings a refreshing take to the fantasy genre.” —Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards (2023)

“A splendid read! This clever and agile fantasy is as absorbing as it is delightful. Full-bodied characters combine with pitch-perfect pacing to create a compelling and enchanting story. Mystery and intrigue also abound, propelling this fresh and original plot toward an I-did-not-see-that-coming ending. This book is sure to delight its target audience of young readers, and will charm older readers, too!” —Reedsy Discovery Reviews

“This novel captures and holds your attention from the first page to the very last. It is imaginative, infused with action, humor, mystery, princesses, gods, and dragons, The plot breezes past without a single hitch as you turn the pages wondering what will happen next!” —Readers’ Favorite Awards

“A captivating children’s chapter book. Young chess lovers will enjoy how Winifred weaves chess terms and strategies throughout the story while sticking to the fantasy genre. With its memorable characters & exciting plot, older elementary & middle school children will find this book a wonderful addition to their collection.” —Literary Titan Review

“Victoria Winifred skillfully merges the art of magical storytelling with guided instruction. What a great way to introduce the royal game and stimulate a child’s imagination to dream of possibilities!” —Carey Fan, CEO,

“I’m always very happy to see a book about chess that can fascinate children and help them to fall in love with the game. I want to congratulate Victoria Winifred on this amazing milestone that will bring more children to our beloved game of chess, and inspire them to become wiser, smarter, and happier.” —Alexandra Kosteniuk, 12th Women’s World Chess Champion

No Time for Halloween: The Frankenstein-Dracula Defense

A Cozy Chess Club Mystery

by Victoria Winifred. Illustrated by Luisa Galstyan.

The Cozy Chess Club gang is on a frantic search for a missing chess clock that they need NOW, but time is running out. Will their Halloween party become a grandmaster disaster?

Abbie’s Angel: A Christmas Puzzle

A Cozy Chess Club Mystery

by Victoria Winifred. Illustrated by Luisa Galstyan.

Abbie’s holiday spirit has been stolen, but a mysterious angel appears to help the Cozy Chess Club bring it back to her in time for the holiday break.

Murray the Cat: First Adventures

by Victoria Winifred. Illustrated by Tammy Brown.

A determined older feline picks out his dream family and tries to convince them that they belong together. Proceeds of the profits from this book go to Nathan Winograd’s NK Advocacy Center, which helps animal shelters greatly increase their pet placement rates.

From Peacock Lane

by Emily Evans. Edited by Victoria Winifred and illustrated by Luisa Galstyan.

Victoria brings her late mother’s poetry to life. This first volume, From Peacock Lane, is available now. These poems offer a refreshing escape for mature readers seeking the purity of both Dickinson-style and narrative poetry about nature and life’s adventures.