Haircut chessI am a native New Yorker, now blissfully transplanted in East Tennessee.

In the year 2000, the hundredth random person informed me, “You should have been a teacher.”

So, I left the corporate world, went back to school, and became one.

I started my teaching career in a highfalutin’ NYC district in 2006.

One afternoon, a white knight on a colleague’s classroom chessboard called out to me.  I soon learned how to play, earned an additional certificate in chess education, and my classroom has never been the same since.

You can spot me exchanging queens with children, identifying birds, giving piano lessons, eating my husband’s outstanding cooking, pointing at mountains, and hugging my giant cat.

Please keep me company as I share musings on life, chess as I finalize my chapter book (a chess fantasy) and seek representation in 2019!